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laurel Aug 25, 19 10:25 AM

Thank you Huddie for sharing your thought process on diluted stock.

rubenfavela May 25, 20 2:54 PM

Thanks Huddie. Dillution + Bag holder = great environment for shorting at resistance.

Buckers Jun 06, 20 8:37 PM

Makes me feel feel soooo out of my depth "The more I know the less I understand" (changing man Paul Weller) thanks Huddie, great grounding for me...

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First off congratulation on hitting the $1M mark. Just wanted to say thank you for all that you do for us. I have to say besides How to Make Millions and Trading Tickers, the video lessons are the next best thing for me when it come to learning. The fact that you have taken the time to put all the videos in categories has made it so much easier to search specific patterns. Anyways just wanted to thank you and congratulations Mark.

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I noticed that my account is not updating all of my trades from Etrade Pro. I have a few trades where I was negative but it's not showing on Profitly. Is there a way for me to manually enter them? My Profitly says I'm up $3K but my Etrade says $2,300. Any info will be appreciated, I don't won't people to think I'm putting up fake numbers on here with all green trades and no reds.

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