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HumbledTrader Dec 31, 18 8:02 PM

yeah working out definitely helps with keeping discipline :). funny watch haha

EthanHancock Jan 01, 3:33 PM

If I eat this cookie will I buy this illiquid stock? Hahaha

redwagonrider Mar 16, 3:29 PM

2 Krispy Kreems, and 1/2 hr yoga when the market slows into mid day trading

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Ecord44 Jul 02, 18 12:29 AM

Awesome! Jumping in is the first step. I would definitely suggest Pennystocking Framework for a very straight forward study. But tim sykes trader checklist part 12 video is also the basics.

stocksnipersquid Jul 02, 18 7:54 AM

I am starting the framework dvd today. By the time my challenge starts I want to have that and the how to be a millionaire dvd done. Im fucking stoked to jump in!!

JeepTrader Jul 02, 18 1:44 PM

Welcome! I am not a challenge student (yet) though am learning lots. Best of luck to you!

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Fox_Trader Jun 11, 18 6:44 AM

How to make Millions Dvd Tim Sykes

Fox_Trader Jun 11, 18 6:46 AM

Robinhood is only available as a App. No level two , Line Chart. Customer service is not helpful for new traders. Go with Etrade.

FamousShamus Jun 11, 18 6:55 AM

Thanks @Fox_Trader glad I didn't waste my time with robin hood. Will get the Tim Sykes DVD this week.

Fox_Trader Jun 12, 18 6:29 AM

@FamousShamus No worries yeah Robinhood is good for having extra trades and if you already have another broker. I've has Etrade for about two years really happy with there customer service. I have called them countless times for basic question they always have a answer . Defiantly will be happy with your purchase

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AngelTrades Jun 17, 18 11:08 PM

Also are you a silver subscriber yet because watching those Video lesssons has helped me too even though i'm not green yet I feel more confident in more trades now:)

AngelTrades Jun 17, 18 11:09 PM

If you aren't a silver subscriber yet you should consider joining for a least a month and just EAT those Video lessons for breakfast yo!

Timmer1103 Sep 09, 18 12:42 AM

Thank you! I've been grinding over the last month or so.

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FamousShamus Jun 01, 18 8:28 AM

Cool to be on a website like this to be able to read all the lingo and try to understand what all of it means. Still learning all the lingo beyond Longing and Shorting a trade. I assume O/N is overnight and B/O is breakout?

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Phierce126 May 28, 18 11:56 PM

refer to the getting started page for navigation help along with some terms. A lot is learning as you go. Take notes but dont worry these terms you will get familiar with quickly as you will see them everyday!

Fox_Trader May 29, 18 8:14 PM

Get yourself How to Make Millions DVD by Tim Sykes, its 34 hours of his teaching worth every penny it runs 297. GET IT.

FamousShamus May 29, 18 9:45 PM

@Phierce126 Thank ya sir. Trying to listen to webinars and everything I can while working at the family business but things have been busy. I appreciate the heads up and ill be looking into that! along with the DVD Fox Trader suggested.

Fox_Trader May 30, 18 7:29 PM

No Problem if ya have a question just ask. Good luck my friend

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