slapattack Aug 13, 17 8:37 AM

perfect, thank you for the response

Chopper_Trader Aug 13, 17 11:57 AM

I did the same thing with Interactive brokers, I had an account that was over 25k. I fell below the 25k so I couldn't trade. I opened up a second account with them. I did an internal transfer and transferred all my money to the new account. Once I rose back above the 5k mark I transferred all my money back to the original account. So yes you can have 6 trades a day with 2 accounts

Raylbc27 Aug 14, 17 2:17 AM

Well i was going to answer but i DON'T UNDERSTAND WHAT YOUR TALKING ABOUT when you say Etrade: Marin Account?? lol

slapattack Aug 14, 17 2:50 AM

Margin account, it was a typo. @Kev2128

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