prometheo33 Feb 29, 16 6:10 PM

^ I hope the $ELMD example can help you understand morning panics (-:

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@osirustwits what do you think about $SCSS potential short @ 15.45$ any thoughts?? -geo

Jules Feb 29, 16 10:19 PM

When it's consolidating across like that you WAIT. Do nothing till it breaks through support or resistance and then go in that direction.

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Dylan158 Oct 12, 15 8:41 PM

So you're saying i probably cant short with a cash account?

Jdrifter21 Oct 12, 15 8:57 PM

From my understanding the short answer is yes because in a short sell in defination is selling a stock from a brokerage which you really dont until you do what is called buy to cover. Plus with a margin account your putting yourself at a higher risk to short sell. Dylan to help you this web page explain why you need a margin account

Jdrifter21 Oct 12, 15 9:02 PM

Im sorry i forgot to add the word "own" in between dont and until

Drillsgtgi Oct 12, 15 10:52 PM

Thanks drifter. That helped out greatly. Being new here as well I am still learning the ropes. My head is still spinning.

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MisterPennies Oct 11, 15 11:50 PM

I think this is the wrong call. It will be down tomorrow. Already see sell orders building up..if you do buy I wouldnt do it at the open but hey, its your money.

_adot Oct 11, 15 11:59 PM

He just said he would dip buy

longstoryshort Oct 12, 15 12:05 AM

Hey input is welcome but yeah I wouldn't be buying right at the open. If anything a morning panic and wash into support would be prime in my mind

KingGeorge13 Oct 12, 15 1:27 PM

this looks like a chase ! its to late to profit unless your going short ... just my thoughts. hehe x)

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