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DeeSniper Mar 22, 17 11:29 AM

@krs1 As long as you don't trade your whole account the settlement does not prevent you from day trading every day or several times a day. I can day trade an unlimited amount so long as I can pay to do it with settled cash. It is not "Prohibited" there IS NO law prohibiting it in a cash account.

DeeSniper Mar 22, 17 11:35 AM

@krs1 what is prohibited in a cash account regarding day trading is if the broker treats you like a margin letting you day trade on credit. It's a cash account so you pay upfront to play. But if you can pay you can play as much as you want.

krs1 Mar 22, 17 12:14 PM

@DeeSniper makes sense, thanks! For my tiny account, it'll go quick but for those with larger accounts it might not be a problem.

Kmills30 Apr 04, 17 7:01 PM

Thanks krs1, great info. My eyes are open now about PDT rule and day trades. Great examples! Good work.

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