Torkers Jun 06, 17 5:02 PM

In struggling With The same on cutting losses - dont seem to want to get out of an stock - Thats bad ! But use smaller positions or maybe papertrade some ?

pasc0022 Jun 06, 17 5:40 PM

Read any of Mark Douglas's books on Trading Psychology or watch his videos on Youtube. Good Luck!

huperauxano Jun 07, 17 7:29 PM

@Torkers Or just practice cutting losses and getting out of trades that go against you.

Krystofko Jun 08, 17 6:00 AM

Thank you guys. I'll definitely try to take smaller positions - it sounds logical.

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donebeingpoor Apr 25, 17 4:28 PM

Good Luck, you're doing it the right way in my opinion. Lots of unforeseen obstacles which deepens the learning curve jumping in live without experience.

april4 Apr 25, 17 8:57 PM

@GreTa how to get rid of 20 min delay in TOS?

GreTa Apr 26, 17 12:37 AM

@april4 In you TOS Platform, click on CHARTS, then go to your upper right hand corner where you see SETUP, click on the WHEEL, then click on APPLICATION SETTINGS, scroll down to SYSTEMS, click on that, and then click on QUOTE SPEED, select REAL TIME (no delay). Try that first.

GreTa Apr 26, 17 12:39 AM

@april4 If that doesn't work, call them and ask for Real Time Data on your Paper-Trading Account, they're usually happy to Oblige, but first try the steps above, it will only work if you have a funded TD Ameritrade Account.

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