@rugby Trying to get an understanding of your trading style, your longer term positions seem to fit my risk appetite and preference a bit more than other styles I've seen. Do you use any indicators? Even something as simple as a 200 SMA, or are you strictly clean chart support/resistance levels only? Thanks.

Tactik Nov 14, 16 9:11 PM

@rugby would the Elliot Wave Theory be one of those cycles or something similar to it?

rugby Nov 15, 16 9:27 AM

Most stuff out there is too slow for leveraged ETFs, my goal is to get in and out with $500 to $1000 gain in as short as time as possible using 1000 shares+/-. Any charting technique is going to show you what you should have done after you should have done it. Longer plays, sure, give it a go BUT you will miss lots of $$$ while you wait for the longer move. My technique is a blend of charting, history and feel for the ETF

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Arussell125 Nov 03, 16 6:36 PM

Ebogey, lots of youtube time on the indicators, took months to learn how to use them correctly with my chart indicators

GreTa Nov 03, 16 7:57 PM

@Arussell125 you are truly inspiring, I too am learning how to use the MACD and RSI, I'm also learning how to use the other indicators that you've made videos of, thank you again for all the videos, much appreciated.

Flyin777Trader Nov 04, 16 2:22 AM

Hey Arick. Well done on all your success! Thank you so much for sharing your methods & experiences - it seriously helps us! Thanks.

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nirvanaghk Oct 19, 16 11:05 AM

@sparhawk Very wise advise and I really appreciate it, thanks once again, wish you the best luck

Jules Oct 19, 16 6:05 PM

I may be able to help a bit...Watch my few videos. They are short and very specific for when to enter and when to get out. You really need to look at stocks a bit higher in price also because I find they tend to be a bit more predicatable. Then choose a type of trade. Gap-Up, Gap-down, Momentum, Reversals. Then Go to YOUTUBE and watch Ross Cameron Warrior trader/gappers or momentium or reversal..etc. He has a different style of teaching that helped me. It is ok to learn from others as well

Jules Oct 19, 16 6:08 PM

Contunued - as wise. Then paper trade a style that appeals to you and only use your real money after you have become consistant on paper. Tim is right....Success takes much time and patients. Never enter a trade to early...no need to. Relax an make clear decisions. Hope this helps.

nirvanaghk Oct 20, 16 11:34 AM

@Jules Thanks Jules, very wise advise, I'll do,hanks once again good luck

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