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didixiu Apr 27, 10:30 PM

Thank you. Very informative

Rocks2Stocks May 11, 8:45 PM

thanks jack i just got done watching all your videos on here and i got ALOT of really good tips thank you for making these, would love to see how your mind is working these days, if anything has changed, great job making it jack you definitely inspired me more on studying even harder to make it

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petwyt1218 Dec 12, 16 12:07 AM

trade was in terms of percentage gain, not money-wise. This is better because you want to get your percentage gain up. I also will size up by 250 dollars every month if I feel comfortable with the emotions.

DapperDude Dec 12, 16 12:23 AM

The more effort you put into it, the more you get back. I've been learning the hard way and have realized that if I was tracking my trades more in depth, I would have learned some lessons much sooner. Stay honest to yourself, be disciplined, and you'll make it!

Daniel2016 Dec 12, 16 2:04 AM

Thanks for the support guys =) Ill change my profile pic when I become a better trader haha =D

Rocks2Stocks May 23, 12:09 AM

@Daniel2016 i bet its a beautiful feeling looking back on this post now, way to stay grinding and not giving up, your a fucking millionaire now... cant wait until i find my consistency in my journey and meet you up there.. your videos on youtube are awesome bro for real.. congrats

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