Smogdogg Sep 06, 23 2:18 PM

yo brother really enjoyed this video lesson keep up the great work cant speak for anyone else but im truly inspired by you brother i will continue to pay attention to your trades and lessons thanks for giving back to the community we are a big trading family and there will always be that bitch brother who hates on you dont let it get under your skin thank you!!!!!!!!

Jayray_68 Sep 06, 23 7:28 PM

@ShaluStock @Smogdogg thanks guys at the end of the day i just hope some way some how what ive learned from my mistakes in trading can be used as a tool for other trader to not have to go through meat grinder with their emotions and account.

DDT Sep 15, 23 1:01 PM

Thanks Jake. Appreciate the live commentary in chat regardless of what people say.

karman Oct 14, 23 12:54 AM

Thank you. I believe I watched GNS on the same day and indeed this has similarities to todays trade. Definitely don’t stop sharing your knowledge, everything you post in chat is time stamped, there is no questioning of them being legit. Great trade on this one as well

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