@AirplaneJane I like This:"Each day, each trade is a fresh beginning and a new opportunity. When I have a bad trade I don’t beat myself up because it won’t get me anywhere. I try to analyze why it went wrong." Gracias Jane por compartir tu expeciencia. I'm learning....

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AirplaneJane May 25, 16 10:20 PM

De nada. It is very important to keep a clear and focused head in my opinion.

Vannavaram May 26, 16 9:46 AM

Hi Jane can u tell me what strategy u r following loke buying breakouts or something else

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[TimAlerts] CLRB in $3.15 out $3.35 to soon but is My third trade in two weeks. thank you Tim and Chatroom and still learning HMM DVD.


[TimAlerts] Thanks Tim, My first trade HEAR in $1.15, Out $1.25 1000 shares using your strategy HMM.

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In my NY Post article I said I didn't expect a 50% drop right away on KBIO but its down 40% today whoops, I underestimated it again!

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bertha888 Nov 24, 15 9:11 PM

I am now so GLAD I have joined your newsletters and bought DVD's !!! Your word/prediction has so much power and movement, it's amazing!!!

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