@StockMsergio just became a fully transparent trader today!

StockMsergio Jul 20, 18 4:32 PM

how have you done so far i see you started in feb

TheItalian Jul 20, 18 4:40 PM

not bad, I strictly play techicals and graphs, I am green and I have 66% accuracy so far but trading small position to create a strong consistent strategy, I am working to connect my account to profitly and to connect with other traders to accelerate my and other growth.

StockMsergio Jul 20, 18 4:43 PM

thats good to hear. yes finding you own consistent win strategy is the best way to get positive results almost every day.

TheItalian Jul 20, 18 4:46 PM

Yes, totally agree, feel free to add me on FB-> Giovanni Politi (Milan). Have a good day and stay green Sergio! :)

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