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Swills3 Jun 10, 19 7:28 AM

Theres always uncertainty in trading since each trade we enter we don't know the outcomes. The best thing we can do is focus on our improving our strategies in form of executing trades properly, sticking to rules, and most importantly managing your capital. Try to figure out which needs to be improved the most, play around with strategies, and enjoy the rollercoaster ride. Becoming a great trader takes time and practice and wont happen overnight.

ScreaM Jun 10, 19 8:37 AM

You sound just like me, I started trading a few years ago. I had some wins, but took some big losses and I took a break. I just recently returned like 2 weeks ago. Now back to your concerns: It sounds like a confidence issue to me. The way I have learned to build my confidence is by making spreadsheets. Pick a strategy and spreadsheet the crap out of it. Find the highs, lows, %'s, success rates, end of day, etc.

ScreaM Jun 10, 19 8:41 AM

Trading is a huge mental game! I've developed my own strategy that works well for me, but if I get stubborn or greedy, it backfires and I lose money. After realizing that, I realized that you have to be very disciplined in trading. As Tim always says, "Cut Your Losses Quick!"

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