Kriminator Apr 07, 19 8:04 PM

Options are in books of 100, so for each 1 your looking at .05 times 100. but I've NEVER done any option trading. it's very confusing... I dont recommend going a complicated route for your first trade. First of all you need to expect SIRI to go up, A Lot! Second of all I just looked at siri, and it has that 50% off sushi effect 9/24. This is my opinion. I'd recommend buying the dips they look pretty predictable if you really must have your siri fix.

badesigns Apr 07, 19 11:04 PM

@Kriminator Thank you, I understand your input and do agree. The more I research and reflect, I do not think this will end up being my first trade. I will post any trades that I do attempt on this website. Thank you. You did help me a lot by semi-reassuring me that the thought I had of 'I can do better' was probably a correct one lol :D.

Kriminator Apr 09, 19 8:35 PM

its all a brain trust here, we gotta help each other along. I just saw you definately needed some helpfull suggestions. Keep an open mind about it, dont over analyse, try to find something that is good in your eye's and give it a shot.

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