[TimAlerts] I wish Tim and Company would remove the Joined Chat/Left Chat Feature...anyway Hope $HMNY spikes this morning!

jlynn May 26, 16 3:16 PM


JMDev May 26, 16 3:36 PM

Day trade limits apply to all small accounts, not just TD. At any rate I like their charting software a lot more than Edtrade they cost the same and they haven't dicked me on any executions yet.

Joe_Wall_Street May 27, 16 12:14 AM

Depends on what you're trading. I trade options and got them to switch me from the high $9.99 base rate to $1.50 per options trade. Life is good. Customer service has been good to me too.

Joe_Wall_Street May 27, 16 12:17 AM

I also do my banking and have an IRA account with them. I really like their Trade Architect platform. It's way easier than their ThinkOrSwim platform, which is also good.

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Watch HTMM DVD peopleeeeeee GEEEZZZZZZZ stop asking what do you think questions!!!!!!!!!@timothysykes

dholliday5 May 19, 16 11:11 AM

PRGN was a perfect cup and handle you could have easily got in at 1.5 and made an easy 20%

derekbravo May 19, 16 11:11 AM

well, can i borrow your copy??

dholliday5 May 19, 16 11:12 AM

No, its goes to charity invest in yourself and give back

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PhdGamer May 13, 16 6:41 PM

@LS3VETTE your possition size should be based your account or risk/reward. You should never trade all your account only about 5-10% in my opinion unless your account is very very small..

PhdGamer May 13, 16 6:42 PM

ohh and trade small cap companies "rossel 200" type companies

FlexTrader May 13, 16 6:47 PM

do not risk it unless you are 100% sure!

TerrapinShorts May 14, 16 2:40 AM

If you're asking people for there views about position sizing then you shouldn't be trading. You need to ask yourself if you're comfortable with that!

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[TimAlerts] thoughts on $ULTR anyone. Just announced forbearance agreement once again. On May 2nd they announced the same thing and it went up 40%....

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