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ejcross Apr 23, 19 11:27 PM

I've always love John Maxwell books, especially "Failing Forward". There are so many great books out there about being able to visualize yourself as successful before you "are". Any favorites from anyone?

haafamillion Apr 23, 19 11:50 PM

Own a house. Get my family out of debt. Take my girlfriend on a two week Disney World/Epcot/MGM/Universal Studios vacation

vinnyleng Apr 24, 19 1:39 AM

If you dont have a dream how you gonna have a dream come true

kobayashimaru Apr 24, 19 1:58 AM

@haafamillion One man's dream is another man's reality, may that other man be you. Keep the dream alive and it will give you strength to continue on your journey. When adversaries attack the dream will be your shield, When your soul is pierced by a sharp tongue your dream will heal you.

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