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SDYTrader85 Feb 13, 4:25 PM

Great post, just watched your YouTube videos also. Super helpful, so thank you for those! It would be great to get a video on both first green days and panic dip buys! I struggle with finding the right entry on dips and when to know if the turn is real or a fake! Thanks!

Aanko1991 Feb 20, 5:20 AM

Thanks Mason. Can't believe I read word by word. Thanks again my man.

NPrice Aug 24, 11:22 AM

So so great...

KimJarilowsky Oct 12, 3:01 AM

Love it! thank you for sharing your knowledge, i am new to Tim's Challenge. I loved your clear go-to and would love to read some more ;)

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I was at Tim’s Trader and Investor summit this weekend in Orlando. It was a great event. I was able to meet and greet all the gurus in person and also made $1019 during Monday’s live trade with Sykes, Gratani, Bohen. I must say this trip was Fantastic. These gurus are real, humble, kind, knowledgeable, and seriously good. I’m fortunate to have found them. Before I joined sykes’s challenge program, I was with a so- called financial adviser for one year during which I lost over $10k. Sykes’s Teaching is real, helpful and seriously important. I learned a lot from all the gurus here. I am about to turn green and I am confident it won’t be long. Thanks again to Tim Sykes, Tim Gratani, Crook, Steven Dux, Tim Bohen, all of you are great mentors.

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