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Herrsosa Feb 22, 17 1:08 AM

Thank you very much Arrick!

Arussell125 Feb 22, 17 7:16 AM

1 & 5 min gor first 30 mins then 3 & 5, for the girst 30 mins its so volitile so i use 1 min for beter entry points but use the 5 to help guide me, afte that the 5 becomes my guide becuase more traders typically use the 5 for entry points

alealvarez Feb 22, 17 8:42 PM

Good video Arick, thanks dude!

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[TimAlerts] With respect to DELT, how is this identified as a chat pump. I had been watching this as an earnings winner for an afternoon lull. is there other chatrooms that are used as a tell. Anyone able to shed light on this?

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