@kroyrunner Hi Tim, I just finished watching your Trading Tickers DVD and I wanted to really start tracking promoters to subscribe to as many of them as possible. Unfortunately, some of the sites that you gave to find them are not free and I cannot allow my self to have more monthly expenses right now as all my money goes into the challenge and the mandatory tools. Other sites don't seem to be active anymore ass well as @ThePUMPtracker that you told us to follow on Twitter. Can you please provide a quick update on sites that are still active, free and that work best for finding these promoters. Thanks a lot in advance!

ASGARD_TRADES Apr 18, 20 5:55 AM

Tim doesn't use the stock promoter strategy anymore. Most promoters are garbage. This is why nobody in the recent years recommend the stock promoter strategy anymore

pennymavros Apr 29, 20 7:10 AM

@gill488d you have asked the same question I have been asking myself but unfortunately know one has been able to help me out with this yet.

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