jeff081874 Mar 25, 17 1:57 AM

long turn chart shows that it doesn't hold when making new high's....your risk reward for the dip even at 3.36 was around .70 at best

YawnAlot Mar 25, 17 2:08 AM

@jeff081874 True that, i seen that right after that everytime it gets to 4 it gets sold off

cottage242 Mar 25, 17 6:53 AM

I bought premarket at 3.15 thinking to take 50-75 cents a share. Did not expect it to go higher than 4 and if it did, knew it would be extremely quick from past history in viewing the wicks on those candles..

petwyt1218 Mar 25, 17 2:13 PM

I took the exact same trade as you. You didn't make a mistake, there was nothing you could have done better. You had a good entry point, above the whole dollar mark and above premarket highs. These were good signs to buy. Just sometimes stocks don't spike and there's nothing u can do except get out quickly. Rest assured that if you continue taking trades with these proper entries, more often than not you will have a winning trade. No one gets it right 100% of the time.

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Rollingball Mar 31, 16 9:36 PM

@HebrewHammer okay, so some hype about it and a good chart, but even if it does hit $100, wouldn't you be able to make more money on something moving from say, 2.50 to 4.00? Just seems like a lot less earning potential with a stock priced that high to me.

HebrewHammer Mar 31, 16 9:42 PM

@Rollingball Yea but at the same time I'm comfortable taking this position. I will most likely get out in the next week or so if it cant truly breakout here and heads towards $100. At the end of the day profits are profit and I'll take them any way they come. I'm comfortable with my growth right now and playing around and see what works and what I'm more comfortable with etc. I took the trade because I like the risk/reward

jeff081874 Mar 31, 16 10:41 PM

after all up is better then down !!!

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