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karman Nov 13, 21 12:12 PM

Thanks Roland

aaronmizellam Jun 27, 22 12:45 PM

Take Some Profits along the Way!! Your Perseverance and Diligence Will be the Road to Your Improvement and Success!!! Thanks Rolland appreciate you keeping it real and taking the Time to be a Great Dad as well as a great Trader!

brandonkoy Dec 13, 22 8:28 PM

Intraday perk pattern. Awesome trade. Great msg from Dan and great quote from Soros at the end.

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@timothysykes I'm new to the silver sub I wanted to personally thak you for all great lessons I been studying every video since day one I did my 3rd small trade today and its my 3rd profit I been trading small just to make sure I'm fully understanding your teaching I guess I do start to go bigger in position size thanks again for your hard work dedication and being a great teacher

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