[TimAlerts] ZFGN....IMHO if volume today does not cross 24 Mill then I see it down to $6 range in the next few days


[TimAlerts] $LEI short would be the best play at the break of $4.5 and can be covered at $4.25....quick 25 cents

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Raidon Jan 20, 16 9:22 PM

@johnfahmyable I guess papertrade, else they probably would be verified since that is what Tim teach :)

kitesfs Jan 20, 16 9:33 PM

Real Trades LOL!!!!.......... I am having issues with my broker connectivity else will verify trades

kitesfs Jan 20, 16 9:36 PM

@johnfahmyable If the stock is liquid then u can borrow them some what easily but illiquid stock, forget about the fill not even execution is possible

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