I bought CHGG like an idiot mid day on earning. Managed to buy at the exact peak. Wow, come on Aaron follow your own rules. Dang

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terps88 Apr 09, 16 8:37 PM

@kroyrunner I hope you don't think I was trying to be mean with my posts, I'm the only one who gave you any feedback on your trades; If I was down 50% on a stock no one would care, I hope to be just as successful as you one day where someone would care to call me out for a huge mistake if I wasn't thinking clearly

stocksandstuff1 Apr 15, 16 3:42 PM

Hey Tim, when you traded st Starbucks did you use a VPN? I thought about trading at local cafe sometimes just for a change of scenery, but I'm concerned about the security issue. Thanks.

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anderton88 Apr 10, 16 8:31 AM

@AirplaneJane How many stocks on average do you trade across and how many trades do you perform in a given day? Thanks.

AirplaneJane Apr 10, 16 9:53 AM

@anderton88 I will usually watch 3-4 stocks and sometimes I'm in and out of just one for profits going long and short depending on price action. if it is a clean chart with was to follow momentum you only need one stock.

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