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Jimmy220 Feb 16, 17 10:32 PM

Yea, my biggest lost was due to holding and hoping, even after the stock tanked. It is wise to cut losses quickly if it breaks support.

MsMoneyHoney Feb 17, 17 1:52 AM

I'm proud that I did just that today. I bought CDIM at 1.55 and instead of going up, it went sideways. After it actually dipped to 1.53, I didnt' waste time... I got out asap! So, yes, I'm okay with losing about $16 plus the fee. It's better than losing the whole $200 or being made to wait if and when it ever recovers...Thanks for posting!!

moneyfornothing Feb 17, 17 1:53 AM

I thought I was the guy who made the stocks tank... LOL

friesian Feb 17, 17 7:25 AM

Thanks for sharing your experience.

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[TimAlerts] $NM has an 88 million float with hard resistance at 1.60. News came out at market open and is probably all priced in now. Trader Checklist score of 30 😑

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[TimAlerts] KPTI now at 10.74. I shorted off the double top at 9.98. It dipped then shot up. I cut losses at 10.49

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