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Yultrader Nov 12, 16 2:38 PM

Thanks Tim for revising my journey

msolanoo Nov 12, 16 8:47 PM

Dear sir, thx for sharing your experience. I'm interested on understanding your position size calculator. Always open to see different perspectives.

Jonk87 Nov 12, 16 8:57 PM

Good luck - we're at similar stages so I hope to follow the same trajectory.

TraderD Aug 18, 17 9:44 PM

Awesome read mate, I have been in the challenge for a few months now and it made me realize how much I dont know. I flew over 4/5 DVDs and traded more then I should of. I am finally noticing a few things now with a good win ratio. Mark Croocks videos have been amazing for me he really goes into the meaning of why etc and i agree with you watching them a second time with allot more live tradings hour behind you makes a huge difference.

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Stockaholic215 Nov 12, 16 11:32 AM

@osirustwits i see whatvyou saying, the reason i lost in that trade was probably because i didnt you one of those things you mentioned. Legalization really does not carry any weight, i was basically going off my own speculation but if i would of factual catalyst would of made more sense

msolanoo Nov 12, 16 8:06 PM

@Wallstreetfinest Thanks man,will do

msolanoo Nov 12, 16 8:07 PM

@osirustwits Got it sir...I will reach the sky eventually, and I appreciate your comment

Yultrader Nov 12, 16 10:20 PM

Protect your capital. Manage your risk first before trying to bank. Wish you good success

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