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AnonymousMAX Dec 12, 16 3:17 PM

Yea. News was not good enough to hold over weekend. Bad decision.

covenant127 Dec 12, 16 4:18 PM

i will probably never short overnight and always use small ass positions for long overnights. all the stories of blowing up accounts makes me cringe

Fox_Trader Dec 12, 16 5:27 PM

Im extremely picky when it's comes to holding a spot for a few days. I'm usually in and out within a day.

Stockaholic215 Dec 12, 16 5:34 PM

@SELFCONTROL how do you build your watchlist, this is my main problem right now , i look for top percentage gainers in my scan but after that i dont know what candles to look for

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YawnAlot Dec 11, 16 12:58 PM

Watch traderchecklist and if u feel confident then why would u use tim alerts? Following alerts will backtrack u everything youv'e learned up to now. Open a robinhood account and start trading with about 25% of ur portfolio and log ur trades so u can know where ur good and where ur lacking.

YawnAlot Dec 11, 16 1:03 PM

and like Imaxwell said, dont force a trade if u dont have day trades left, ALWAYS consider "will i be able to get out". If u can't then ur best case sceneraio is to wait near market close and buy a good looking overnight swing. And actually i take back starting with 25%, dont do that yet, bet how Imaxwell said, so u can get ur feet wet first, THEN go up lil by lil. As long as u dont use more than half ur account then u are on a good road of not blowing up

mdchowdhury Dec 11, 16 5:56 PM

@lmaxwell0509 Bro your profile looks beautiful. Is there any way I can get in contact with you? (Social media?) I need some guidance thats all. Wont bother with trade alerts or anything like that

Fox_Trader Dec 16, 16 11:36 PM

Invest in DVDs education first this will be beneficial to you especially starting out, after that paper trade.

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[TimAlerts] lookin to dip buy NVCN at 2 day trend but its 1.70 so dont freak if it gets that low

Wallstreet25 Dec 06, 16 1:39 AM

bullish as fuck lol. When you trade it wait for the VWAP and EMA to time your entry.

AnonymousMAX Dec 06, 16 1:39 PM

SALT is the ticker. Was definately bearish.

petwyt1218 Dec 06, 16 1:53 PM

How is this bearish? It's making a big move up today

AnonymousMAX Dec 06, 16 6:32 PM

Haha i meant bullish! Sorry. Was a bullish flag. I took profits and rolled into NVCN for much bigger gains. Thanks guys!!

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[TimAlerts] Really while you might want to avoid $DRYS the rest of us avoid your style of trading we don't care about forward PE inventory asset value we trade the chart and the potential no once comes here to invest. Get it good because that confusion will destroy your account in the pennystock world we date we don't get married to the ticker

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[TimAlerts] PZRX looked like a short. Up a lot on Orphan status and those don't usually hold gains.

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