$1,824 profit WEBB Long Stock

Entry comments: Spiking on this news http://tim.ly/3r1Rf9d anything crypto/NFT related just goes LOL, I got small position, lets see how far it can go, I underestimated HOFV bigtime

Exit comments: Got up tot he .20s but I couldn't get filled so taking small profits, such a joke this NFT sector is, but ride it whle its hot

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Dillsion1 Mar 19, 10:55 AM

I saw it spike but couldn't get filled. So upsetting lol

neallhui Mar 19, 11:50 AM

I don't know if It's okay to say this but I always get that moment of excitement when I do better than you Tim, in a trade. Btw, all credits go to sst breaking news. (Your student from Hong Kong)

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Instagram @neallhu1 Just wanna make some trading friends and money here. I focus on OTC panic dip buy, second day runner and low float NASQ stock. Also, I started off with a $4500 cash account.

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