Hey everyone, I'm back to posting on Profitly. I have an IB account that I can verify the trades. For all the haters that dont believe my trades and profits are real. Hate to break it to you...they are real.

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Fox_Trader Feb 12, 18 8:25 PM

Jane , Don't worry about those fools that are always causing problems. I know you and your trades are real !! Had a few haters myself all I do is laugh when they disapeer.

rileydakota Feb 13, 18 10:15 PM

Looking forward to your seminar in June!

AirplaneJane Feb 28, 18 8:50 PM

Me too and it is all thanks to Tim Sykes tools for getting me started

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timothysykes Nov 27, 16 12:35 PM

@Investolife NEVER use market orders, you need to get in my challenge, stop trading confused

SebiSauce Nov 27, 16 12:40 PM

@timothysykes I've never used a market order in my life. I am trying to determine if market orders are the go-to for these fast moving stocks (I have never seen such fast moving stocks...penny stocks on the TSX move slow-mo compared to this)

timothysykes Nov 27, 16 12:44 PM

@Investolife NEVER use market orders on any kind of stocks

krs1 Nov 28, 16 12:58 AM

@timothysykes pointed out something really important.... "look to make sure if it gets executed and if not cancel it".... That little quote is so important. I can't tell you how many times I've easily overlooked that.

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