BowlesTrader5 Nov 25, 15 10:22 PM

CONS: Very hard to fund and make withdrawals. Customer service is by far the worst out there. PROS: NO enforced PDT rule or 2.50 rule

Tunde1306 Nov 25, 15 10:36 PM

only real pro of this broker is the fact that you can make as many trades as you want with no penalty. You also get 6 to 1 margin leverage which is obviously dangerous. Basically this broker is only good to reel in overzealous small account holders because of the perks. Just dont screw yourself with the margin just because it sounds nice. Oh yea, hard to get fundes and customer service is very slow and downright awful actually. Overall, not worth it.

snhemminger Nov 25, 15 11:43 PM

Two key setbacks were executions and fees. The executions were not as good as eTrade. I would attempt to by $800 worth of stock and an error message would come up, "you do not have enough purchasing power". The fees amount to $20 per trade once you factor in the lquidity fees. There is an account inactivity fee for less than 15 trades a quarter. Tim recommends eTrade and I could see why from day 1.

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Tunde1306 Nov 25, 15 9:07 PM

Expect and and all technical analysis to be fairly accurate. Treat it as a "give or take" kinda scenario. It's very useful but not an exact science. In conclusion, treat it as a guide to find the trend but don't use it as an exact or precise entry/exit point. Use your better judgment for entries and exits.

snhemminger Nov 25, 15 11:30 PM

Your trend lines look good. Remember to check multiple time frames for support and resistance levels. There was old support at $3.30/3.20 that turned into resistance. Your stock followed your trendline to a T and then hit the resistance level. Your trend lines are good, keep doing that. But make sure you cross reference your trend lines with Tim's steps of checking multiple days/weeks/months support and resistance levels. In this way you can have your complete "stakeout" of your stock executing

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FutureTom Nov 08, 15 12:06 PM

@CLOR oh wow that thing really got hammered...the odds are on your side for sure man ;)

snhemminger Nov 08, 15 6:23 PM

Greaty research, it looks like you are ready for Monday!

AKTICKER Nov 08, 15 10:22 PM

what software are you using?

FutureTom Nov 08, 15 11:07 PM

@LLCGAK hi, I'm using DAS Trader Pro via centrepoint securities

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snhemminger Nov 07, 15 11:05 PM

Great post, I neede that after losing $250 in one day last week!

longstoryshort Nov 08, 15 12:36 AM

I've been going through the same exact process recently and it has helped me so much to get back on track. One thing I've noticed is the position size is one of the biggest things related to my emotions. When I have a small position my head is clear, when I have a large position my heart is racing until I'm up. So position size is helping me with emotion fwiw

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dtrades Nov 01, 15 8:36 PM

Does anyone know why when I submit a post, the lettering goes light grey and my bullet formatting get removed?

Palmer Nov 01, 15 8:38 PM

Sometimes when I copy from Word and paste here the text does not format correctly. Might be a browser function???

snhemminger Nov 01, 15 10:43 PM

I just use "-" instead of bullets. I guess grey is the default color for posts.

DarkestKnight Nov 01, 15 11:25 PM

You certainly thought this threw thoroughly. Nothing more inspiring when someone identifies there flaws early on, and rectify them. Truly disciplined, and congrats on your new family btw.

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