MikeySaghbini May 04, 20 8:16 PM

@wallride5194 i am so sorry to get back to you so late, yes i just use my scan, and then whatever pops up i check out the chart of the stocks on a 1 day/ year chart. and i just mark the breakout levels with price lines, then set alerts before the breakout price lines i set. Then i try to write them down so i also dont forget about them. no i havent found a way to catch them if i am not around, like solidify the alert. its annoying for sure. I usually have so many marked tho, that i dont worry

wallride5194 May 05, 20 12:00 AM

Sounds very similart to my process. Thank you for all the info! If I find a better way to reliably get an alert, I'll let you know for sure! Thanks again!

MikeySaghbini May 05, 20 12:06 AM

@wallride5194 of course, honestly, i am not doing anything out of the ordinary, my process is very simple. infact, i am all about, "keep it simple, stupid." approaches to trading. my entire approach is basic to trades, im focusing on multiday breakouts, ideally with news catalysts, FGDs, FRD, and buy major panic dips!

CoryW May 08, 20 12:02 AM

thanks for your comments and charts! mind if i ask how you find these panics? I see about 1 per week lately on , not counting the Hertz after hours one. It seems to be the lowest risk trade for me now, and I can never find any! I even set up STT scan to find >10% moves in 5 minutes haha

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