$AEMD Trade- FGD- spiked in the am and held gains basically all day and was forming higher lows- got out before it broke my risk went up a little bit but nothing too crazy- should've trusted my risk

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MagnusIntl Sep 14, 17 4:49 PM

I just read this post... actually ALDX showed up in my scan at pre-market this morning, and that was 1 stock I bought (surprisingly, based on what I think I learnt from Tim, even though Tim himself didn't believe in ALDX). I bought right at market open, waited all day for it to run up and sold for 70% gain towards market close... SWEET!

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My first day back trading yesterday after 6 months out and with a small profit im super happy, I have had a real lessonfest over the last few days with Trader Checklist complete and several video lessons. Can anyone recommend the best DVD to buy as a starting point from @timothysykes collection please?? My watch list today is $AEMD $EKSO OMNT MTBC

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