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JonathanIParra Jun 07, 3:39 AM

croissant challenge that's hilarious , awesome dip buy into morning panic and you gotta ride the hype on these morning spikers and take the meat of the move thanks tim

Taco_Tuesdays Jun 22, 5:19 PM

Is this croissant challenge still valid? Thinking about trying it now hahaha

Edna Aug 17, 10:23 PM

thank you Tim

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[TimAlerts] was in APOP and only took like %10 gains, vs others staying till the %50-%70 mark


[TimChallenge] anyone have any idea whats up with APOP? massive volume yesterday and nothing today...seems fishy


[TimAlerts] I saw noooothing good to hold over night. IOTS barely cracked support, APOP crashing, HSGX never did anything, neither did $BSPM, $TBIO to late to chase, too early to short imo. 100% invested into $CASH

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