@RolandWolf Hello Roland. Quick question about your early small account strategy of trading overnight gappers. If in the morning the stock did not gap or run did you bail immediately? Or did you give the stock cushion to retreat a bit before running? (IE, if in at 3.50 did you give it room down to res at 3.20 or was it a always green or gone?) Thanks for your thoughts.

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CaptainJames Feb 14, 18 7:18 AM

Great question, I hope he replies. Roland is an inspiration!

RolandWolf Mar 13, 18 3:50 PM

For the most part, I would cut if it didn't do what I wanted. Only exception is if there is a strong support level somewhere near that I could play off of .

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papajohn Jan 17, 18 6:46 PM

@huperauxano the R-value is just the ratio of my average win to my average loss. I’m not ready to talk about the Kelly percent yet, I don’t want to lead anyone down the wrong path there.

unterron Jan 22, 18 10:44 PM

Did you make you make that spreadsheet?

papajohn Jan 22, 18 11:20 PM

@unterron yes I made my spreadsheets I use for analyzing my plays.

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Tone Jan 14, 18 2:44 AM

When I opened an account with them, the bank that I transferred money to was in Malta. Have used them a bit, executions seem ok, but almost never have shares to short when I'm searching for them.

fittrader101 Jan 14, 18 2:45 AM

@Tone Thanks for your feedback! Makes me feel a bit better :)

Turbobob Jan 14, 18 10:30 AM

Yes, they are always chancing banks to find who will give them the best leverage.

Turbobob Jan 14, 18 10:31 AM

Foolw me on twitter as well @turbobob129 as I post lots of market commentary there as well.

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Ana Jan 26, 18 4:24 AM

@Turbobob As a very beginner, I learned the basics: rumors are scary for playing long and very good for shorts. And you very nicely played long here. What's behind your decision process in this case? Thank you, your videos are priceless!

Turbobob Jan 26, 18 5:22 PM

Price action and a hot sector are the two main ideas here. By the way, follow my on Twitter if you like @turbobob129 as I post stuff there as well.

Ana Jan 27, 18 1:55 AM

Thank! Started following you there as well.

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Kerry57 Jan 07, 18 10:34 AM

Great video Bob, thank you. I was in at 3.09 but got distracted at work and missed the initial spike to 3.88, then got scared out for a small gain long before it went supernova. Couldn't get back in because I was out of day trades--very frustrating. Question: are you still using SureTrader and if so have you had any execution or availablity issues? Thanks again!

dpacer22 Jan 15, 18 7:06 PM

another good vid Bob, just letting you know that there is a lot of echoing going on in your audio. sounds like you are trapped in a box

Turbobob Jan 15, 18 8:05 PM

Happens sometimes. But thanks for the heads up

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@papajohn Hello John, We talked a bit yesterday in the chat room. Since then I've read your blog posts and have been reviewing your trades to understand your recent success. For example, I see exactly how you played SLTK; in at 1.92 around 3pm and out during the next morning gap up. Perfect! And $AMPE...I had been watching that for a swing for a week but didn't recognize what was happening: On 12/18 it perks to 3.18, retreats and bases at 2.60, then slowly grinds until 12/26 when it breaks thru that previous high and finishes strong before running to nearly $5 a couple days later. So I was watching that stock but didn't understand how to make a plan based on the history of the chart. Thank you for helping me understand what to look for. Two questions: 1.) How did you find/watch SLTK? It wasn't up that much and I don't remember seeing it on the % gainers scan. Hot sector? 2.) When looking at a chart for previous areas of supt and res what time frame do you use? Do you look at a 1yr chart for an overall feel and then work back to 90 days, 30 days, etc to find definitive res areas that signify potential breakout levels? Or is it more about finding stocks that are up-trending and finishing strong after 2PM? I hope you don't mind me asking some questions. I've been a challenge student for 10 months but have mostly floundered because I haven't been able to nail down a pattern that works for me. I'm under PDT so your success story really inspired me and I intend to turn my trading fortunes around by following your lead. In addition to reviewing your trades I'm watching Trading Tickers over the holiday weekend and hope to really focus on the multi-day O/N runners in 2018. Wish me luck! Thank you again for your insight in the chat room and for any further advice you may have. And congratulations on your awesome turnaround. I look forward to seeing you hit the $100k level. See you in the chat room. Happy New Year! Kerry in MI

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papajohn Dec 31, 17 3:53 PM

Looks like my comment got cut off. That's really annoying. I make my initial decision to look further into a chart based on the daily one year chart. And I find the breakout level based on the daily candles. I don't usually wait until after 2 pm to buy, although that may be a better strategy. I've found that waiting until around noon is usually good enough to see if the b/o will hold and then I am in it if it perks up around 1 pm like a lot of them will. Otherwise it might go too high above the

papajohn Dec 31, 17 3:55 PM

It might go too high above the breakout level for me to find a risk level I am comfortable with. Gritanni trades these fairly quickly as a day trade, while I try to swing them for a night or two. But the setup he looks for detailed in his DVD is exactly what I look for. Good luck!

Kerry57 Jan 02, 18 1:19 PM

Thankl you John, I just finished Sykes' How to Make Millions DVD but was a tad disappointed in that one. I will be watching Gritanni's Trading Tickers ASAP and will try and understand what has been working for you. I hope you don't mind if I ask a question now and then. Best of luck with your trading in 2018!

papajohn Jan 02, 18 4:49 PM

The thing to be careful of is that just because it is working for me doesn't mean it will work for you. We are all different and so much of trading is about psychology. So you really need to track all your trades and see for yourself which setups you have the most success with.

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Turbobob Nov 16, 17 11:30 PM

I generally only use the 1 minute chart on very volatile trades. Otherwise I find the 1 minute gives me too many false signals. But using the 5 minute and watching L2 is, in effect, the same as using the 1 minute chart. I see all the same moves a 1 minute chart provides. But it is not as visibly represented. I never use VWAP. To me stocks slice through it (up or down) like a hot knife through butter. EMAs just give me a guide for direction and help visualize when a stock is rolling over or

tvaughn Nov 17, 17 3:12 AM

thanks Bob. nice trade.

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For anyone who has question for me please leave down to this comment. i will included in the dvd. i want make it as detail as possible.

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Kerry57 Mar 30, 17 6:27 PM

Dux, I have difficulty seeing the difference between consolidation and weakness. So I'd like to understand how you spot weakness (for shorting) on stocks that are spiking or have been running for days. I.E. consolidation vs overextended. Thank you!

Redblood Apr 07, 17 3:39 AM

Hi dux, I`d like to know if there are any particular stocks that you buy/short, whether you favor a specific industry. Also, what was your biggest trading mistake or a trade that you have ommitted that you wish you had bought or shorted it so far? Why didn`t you buy or shorted it? And what would you have done differently or which indicators would you look at if you were in the same situation to decide whether the stock is worth buying/shorting or just leave it be and look for other stocks to pla

Lukaac Apr 10, 17 8:29 AM

Showing your spreadsheets

dashing Jun 07, 17 4:25 PM

Hi DUX, could you share some of your actual notes that you took when you studied Tim's dvds. Would be very interesting to see what you actually wrote down vs what I wrote down, because I know I took notes on all the dvds but my results have been very different :)

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