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jigark123 Feb 13, 18 6:05 PM

Bob whats your view on PIRS ?? After hours down but chart looks very bllish and on an uptrend

jigark123 Feb 13, 18 6:06 PM

Forgot to mention uptrend with volume

Turbobob Feb 13, 18 11:57 PM

Yes, they announced a $40 million financing in the low $8.00 range. So the market will have to digest that before heading higher.

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Sheffey Feb 01, 18 9:02 PM

Thanks, Bob - I've seen you in the challenge room. I'll take a look at ZFGN - it's in my price range!

D0nt5uck Feb 01, 18 10:11 PM

Bob, Thanks for the watchlists! I watch for them every night.

MisterWhite Feb 02, 18 8:04 AM

Thank you...I'm new and watching you trade has been very helpful...yesterday you shorted LTBR, if you have a chance, could you tell me what motivated you to do that?

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@Turbobob Bob, I started the challenge in Nov after retiring...I find your style of teaching particularly helpful...Thanks

Turbobob Jan 10, 18 5:20 PM

Thanks for the comment. It appreciated. I am always happy to answer any questions or look at ideas.

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Kerry57 Jan 07, 18 11:34 AM

Great video Bob, thank you. I was in at 3.09 but got distracted at work and missed the initial spike to 3.88, then got scared out for a small gain long before it went supernova. Couldn't get back in because I was out of day trades--very frustrating. Question: are you still using SureTrader and if so have you had any execution or availablity issues? Thanks again!

dpacer22 Jan 15, 18 8:06 PM

another good vid Bob, just letting you know that there is a lot of echoing going on in your audio. sounds like you are trapped in a box

Turbobob Jan 15, 18 9:05 PM

Happens sometimes. But thanks for the heads up

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Turbobob Nov 17, 17 12:30 AM

I generally only use the 1 minute chart on very volatile trades. Otherwise I find the 1 minute gives me too many false signals. But using the 5 minute and watching L2 is, in effect, the same as using the 1 minute chart. I see all the same moves a 1 minute chart provides. But it is not as visibly represented. I never use VWAP. To me stocks slice through it (up or down) like a hot knife through butter. EMAs just give me a guide for direction and help visualize when a stock is rolling over or

tvaughn Nov 17, 17 4:12 AM

thanks Bob. nice trade.

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