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CrazyWillows Jan 12, 1:33 PM

Thanks @timothysykes I realized something so crucial on this lesson.. Buy the dip after the spike!!! Vital entry to help avoid chasing the spike...

piscott0306 Jan 15, 11:12 AM

Video watched. Muchas Gracias Tim.

CBlumenthal Feb 11, 10:14 AM

I am realizing this shit is real

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ThePennySqueeze Dec 09, 17 12:24 AM

Everytime you sniff I get an image of you doing a line of coke. lol, great webinar Tim, thanks

RockRobster Jan 03, 18 8:28 PM

If there's a lot of plays, focus on the BIG % gainers.

ZiggysMom Jun 25, 18 11:57 AM

Noting to develop good habits, be meticulous. Be patient, cut losses quickly. Trade the same patterns, focus on patterns that work. Not an exact science.

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