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Tessa Oct 02, 11:56 PM

I want to thank you for every video and lesson and blog. I am trying to watch and read everything, as well as, recommended books. Repetition is how I learn and these are sinking in. I can't show you my appreciation enough. Hopefully one day I can thank you with dinner or something. Thank you SO much!

JonathanIParra Oct 13, 6:16 PM

goldman sykes , is hilarious and nice morning spiker intradays and nice breakouts. focus on hype and good news like stxs

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CrazyWillows Jun 12, 3:24 AM

Watched this in May last year and thought I got it.. Nope, now I do.. Only focus on the best setups, if you miss a trade don’t worry there will be more and understanding how patterns play out will make you understand better why this lesson is so key.. Thanks Tim.

JonathanIParra Aug 19, 7:20 PM

like you always said tim , trade like a retired trading sniper . disspointments are usually how this game works out for the majority but if you embrace the grind,patterns and the rule . you will be profitable in the long run

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