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Kpow2020 Apr 04, 5:25 PM

love the videos because you explain you train of thought on each trade. Thanks for the insight:)

Av1Trades Apr 19, 6:22 PM

In the price action breakouts category this is my favorite lesson so far :)

emiliooo Apr 20, 8:23 PM

awesome videos!!!!!!! so helpful and you learn so much !

Dan2020 May 10, 1:41 PM

helpfull videos, we need them.

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Outdoorchick Mar 22, 9:20 AM

Disappointment is ok sometimes and part of the process. Thanks Tim

tayhaoxia Apr 03, 7:54 PM

when a play does not go the way you want to its find just have to accept that it did not go the way you wanted. sometimes the trade is no best trade at all

10xtrader Apr 11, 7:05 PM

Disappointment is my mantra, I expect everything to disappoint me. Avoid disappointment by not having expectations. First step twords disappointment is having expectations.

timcobra Apr 20, 2:16 AM

Thanks Tim, I am ok with missing perfect setups and then catching the worst ones. I guess its part of learning

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