$1,872 profit SWRM Long Stock

Entry comments: I dip bought this midday runner a bit off its highs on its crypto mini ned PR, thx STT Breaking News, goal is to sell in the high .01s or .02s its run in the past big before

Exit comments: Absolutely beautiful new high breakout, I won't get greedy since this is midday, but this play always seems to come through on breaking news, I missed it the first few times, but not anymore, congrats to all longs

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stocktrader_90281 Oct 25, 3:02 PM

Though we might not be your Tim, Maryanna, etc. It is exillerating to see their success and it validates your leadership. Congrats to the team!

KNUT Oct 25, 6:11 PM

You must had went in pretty heavy. Wow the timing, you had very little room.

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