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VictoriaS Aug 14, 17 9:14 AM

Volume is critical!!! Awesome Webinar - thanks Mark!

ZachR Dec 29, 17 10:24 PM

Volume is critical thanks mark

March Mar 17, 18 8:58 PM

Volume is critical! thx Mark

ZiggysMom Jul 06, 18 12:37 PM

Noting to not chase, but when a stock is up and moving it can still be predictable. Look at past history, and know your r/r. Volume is extremely important. Do not buy near the top of the move. Look at prior run ups.

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JonathanIParra Aug 28, 19 2:43 AM

btsc , beautiful first red day and linu was amazing good play , you coukd of bought the breakout , shorted the first red day and dip bought the bounce all in different time frames and focus on most volatile plays and stick to your plan

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