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kingoceanboy Oct 20, 20 2:47 AM

I was looking at the 1 minute chart for BIMI and noticed 182.12k volume at 4:11 pm est. With a high of 2.58 and a low of 2.52 . That's 10 percent of the 3 month average vol. What goes up must come down. I'll be watching for red day confirmation. It has a hard time having 3 connective green days .

AMD78 Oct 20, 20 5:24 AM

Please cancel my subscription and return my money that just got withdrawn . Thanks

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Flockstock Apr 23, 17 10:47 AM

Look at multiple time frames and price history ... Lots of long term resistance =no play= not enough upside even with volume and good news it won't spike much .. Most plays aren't worth touching they lack volatility .. Don't dip buy stocks getting crushed off the highs. While they can bounce, if there is history of gap and fade buy

Pendragon Apr 23, 17 12:12 PM

Thanks for the Webinar Mark. I didn't make it live, but this has great info and I appreciate your perspective.

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