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PocketPAT Aug 28, 19 11:16 AM

Thanks Tim!!! Bookmarked!!! *Buy breakouts on the DIP, unless they keep going, then buy into the momentum*.

KStanger Oct 26, 19 11:53 PM

Awesome! Thanks Tim!

HenryCraig Mar 07, 11:32 AM

Preparation + Opportunity = Success "Knowledge and self-sufficiency are critical to my success in penny stocking."

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jdginn Mar 01, 14 9:16 AM

Watched this one live, was awesome thanks!

Flockstock May 28, 18 2:17 AM

Inspiration to the max ... Slow and steady when's the race .... Hey baby hippos are hungry too .. Technical breakout with catalyst holding at mutlimonth support levels = good buy .. Pick your goals, don't set price targets, adapt your goals as needed

LItework Aug 02, 19 8:13 PM

British Virgin Islands, nicey

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$67,563 profit CNTO Short Stock

Entry comments: Reshorted as I think this is the beginning of the big crash of 30-70% this week, missed out on the 100% win on YOD playing too conservatively, I won't make that mistake here, SAME pattern as so let's go for it right?

Exit comments: Covered for another $70k day today, please congratulate me here I want 400 likes, these are the profits WE ALL LIVE & STRIVE lesson coming later today!

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markcroock Mar 14, 14 12:23 PM

Wouldn't be surprised if $VEND is also halted. you will make half million on this trade if so :)

dynotrades Dec 02, 14 1:13 AM

what if you held it to .03

AngelTrades Aug 14, 17 2:27 PM

Just got the video lesson where the halt was lifted man!! What a beautiful short. Congrats man!

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