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MiaPlateau Mar 29, 11:16 PM

• ALEAF – dip buy, - nbev, igc - short • When Sykes mentions one setup in his watchlist 3 times, pay attention to it. • Lack of a big panic can be a positive outlook.

JonathanIParra May 15, 2:52 PM

Ride the hype and don't become a bag holder when momentum turns

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[TimAlerts] DTEA and $NCS earnings winners settling into a range..seen it happen many times where the winners spike, settle, range, then break out later in the afternoon..


[TimAlerts] $FNSR DTEA (low float) $OHRP $NCS VNCE all reported good earnings numbers after the close yesterday..,major indices are down so that could weight on a lot of things....

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