over call since oct 24th when i started my new account i am down 286 but i have been trading a bit differently now, only playing two patterns which are basically the same thing, and im letting my profits run until they prove the top could be in. i had some nasty losses that im surprised i made up for, one was a 700 loss on $ADXS thanks to computer issues and i couldn't get back up to sell out the shares which actually went up 15% in the green before i sold, then another taking a 1k+ loss on a stock that skyrocketed from 1.5 to 3.2 in 15 minutes then crashed back down and i bought the dip. that stock went r/g before i sold it. the pattern that i am trading is working so well for me that i am actually able to offset all the stupid moron mistakes ive made, and ive made a lot of mistakes that cost me 20%, usually buying premarket on the first initial spike thinking eh easy money. this rarely works. I literally draw my pattern each day before i trade so i dont trade anything else because i know if i am loyal to my pattern, i will leave the week with $$ and thats the only reason im here, no?

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-$150 loss ADXS Long Stock

Entry comments: I bought this speculative runner that's closing near day highs on a strong first green day with breakout volume...goal is to make 7-15% selling afterhours or tomorrow morning as more people should see this move and want to pile in as this low priced niche has been hot lately...nothing huge, but if I can sell .55-.60 I'll take it, cut losses quickly if wrong, same rules as always to protect myself

Exit comments: Not closing strong at all, small losses are fine, onto the next, potential rebuy if it can break .53 day highs tomorrow morning too for possible followup spike but this one is choppy

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mwhit Nov 18, 19 2:40 PM

I got in at .42 nice to see I got in and then you did. Feel like I'm doing something right

Kriminator Nov 18, 19 8:51 PM

I was thinking about the breakout levels at.45 but I was too busy to get in. Thanks for helping me solidify my thoughts.

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Believer Jul 31, 22 12:27 AM

Thanks Tim Grittani

mylifestarts Aug 09, 22 3:41 PM

Thanks Grittani, Started watching GOAT's webinar - Tick 11.

Sarnaud1205 Aug 24, 23 7:42 PM

Multi day b/o aligning with intraday HOD b/o have much higher odds of success because more traders watching the play. Update: for OEGD it is preferred to use previous day HOD as risk just sizing down to keep risk within your typical threshold and give trade room to wiggle. If planning on swinging OEGD you should only do so with stock closing red, if stock is going to close into r/g move just cut the trade as odds for next gap UP have increased.

Sarnaud1205 Aug 24, 23 7:45 PM

When looking for consistency, keep focus on 1 to 2 setups, and only trade those setups. If days or even weeks pass without setup being present use time to study and still have screen time to adapt eyes to price action and volatility, but do not start moving away from your setup and forcing trades that are not in your playbook. Only branch in to new setups once primary setup provides consistent result after a few months to a year. Be patient. Thanks for your time and education Grittani!!!

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