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ZachR Oct 22, 18 8:18 PM

Fantastic thanks Tim

mageros Oct 25, 18 1:22 AM

Very helpful. Great 2 part webinar.took a big loss on blnk last week and usually good at cutting losses quickly but did not that time. Paid dearly for it but reinforced lesson to cut losses quickly. Not doing that again. Cut away the cancer

MissileMan Oct 28, 18 4:19 PM

Great stuff Tim. Always enjoyable to listen to you reall time.

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Emanuel85 Oct 22, 18 1:36 AM

1st Mark Croock webinar I watched. Full of useful information. Great work Mark.

Dario1 Oct 22, 18 4:26 AM

Thank you! Great lesson!

ZiggysMom Oct 30, 18 1:32 PM

Noting don't think a stock has to do something. Have reasonable expectations. Always look at the longer term chart. Longer the stock holds near highs, more likely to spike. Be careful when sector momentum slows down.

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