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underwatertrade May 20, 3:22 AM

did anyone ever think that maybe they're playing one recording that says yanny and one that says laurel, but it has everyone going crazy trying to figure that out

SlipKid May 20, 3:10 PM

Tim, Thanks for the kick in the ass! I did talk to Joel directly via cell someone provided. Nice guy. Hopefully it is resolved today.

ZiggysMom May 22, 10:51 AM

Noting to learn the patterns and learn the process, it takes time. Watch big percent gainers. Focus on the major indicators and be patient. Let the plays come to you

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diane47 May 21, 12:30 AM

Thank you so much, Tim. So many good lessons here!! I totally appreciate and understand your being harsh with some students; you are totally justified and right that the market can be so much harsher!

ZiggysMom May 22, 10:50 AM

Noting to be successful I need a ridiculous amount if knowledge. Don't trade unless the patterns are perfect. Great level 2 webinar. Don't be a degenerate trader. Look for volatile plays. Better to miss a potential play then go for something that is unfamiliar.

zaraza May 24, 9:35 AM

Thanks Tim...

SherryHall May 30, 1:21 PM

I just wanted to say thanks for the tips!

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ZiggysMom May 14, 11:23 AM

Noting to never short on Fridays on positive news or earnings. Lock in profits. Be there. Never by near lows, Friday mornings are special. After the first squeeze there are usually no other plays, squeezes are best at the open. Look for first green days on earning winners.

ZachR May 15, 5:33 PM

Thanks Tim

ZachR May 15, 5:33 PM

Thanks Tim

iammoseph May 20, 2:11 AM

Watched it again, Thanks Tim, awesome webinar

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ChristineB Oct 18, 3:13 PM

I will focus on key patterns! First green day is always important. Not sure where you came from Tim, but I'm sure glad that you decided to teach others. If there was more people like you in the world, the world would be a better place! Thanks for everything you do!

ChristineSmith Dec 08, 2:02 PM

Thanks Tim... :) Focus on the key patterns, knowledge, study, study, NO DAYS OFF!!

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