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kenz4 Apr 23, 2:34 AM

Thanx Mark good lesson on no good plays

MThoms Apr 23, 11:22 AM

Noting to focus on volatile plays, all time lows are not attractive charts, stocks with sudden huge moves typically are because of short squeezes, stocks can't run with bag holders, 1st red day not good for overnights, stick with predictable setups, sit on hands when there's no good plays

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diane47 Apr 08, 5:54 PM

A lesson in patience is always so helpful! Thank you. (You are my hero!)

ActiveUS Apr 09, 2:54 AM

that guy that shorted LFIN though banked

ActiveUS Apr 09, 3:04 AM

maybe shorting into a weekend on a bear market is where its at lol. jk LFIN

MThoms Apr 09, 11:03 AM

Noting to let the plays come to you. Don't look for them. See the patterns as they come. Be a retired trader.

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Rads73 Mar 26, 8:39 AM

Thanks Mark appreciate the time taken to provide the webinar

March Mar 31, 1:08 PM

thanks Mark

jtran Apr 01, 1:14 PM

great webinar as always mark. thanks

MThoms Apr 09, 11:01 AM

Noting as always to focus on volitile plays. Higher priced stocks can be more of a guessing game? Stock that spiked in the morning maybe be useless later in the day. Don't stay stuck on a stock that isn't volitile

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Karlsson_Papertrade Mar 26, 12:51 PM

Have fixed rules and don’t budge on them, especially not on cutting losses quickly, you simply cut every trade that goes against you quickly. Focus on finding the pattern that works the best for you and simply stick with it and understand and enjoy the process of doing so. Also understand the overall process of developing as a trader and practice good habits, especially in the beginning! Thanks, Tim!

MrEd Mar 28, 7:29 AM

Cut losses quickly and protect

MThoms Apr 10, 11:47 AM

Noting to not forget about recent supernovas focus on process and disipline don't trust noobies cut losses quickly Whats the Time of day, catalyst, news, float, position size, float, position size, overall market This is a marathon not a sprint Take profits when it reaches my goal

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