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culturasia Oct 06, 9:45 AM

Hi, noob here. Pls refer video at 9min:22s GHSI. 1). Was it good/bad to re-enter around 10:15pm, breakout above 70c? 2). What should we do if we were to enter only after breakout at 73c @10:40pm and it went down to near 71c near 11pm? 3). What is the reason to wait until 14:50pm after breakout at 75c? Many thanks! CT

RPhTrader Oct 07, 8:58 PM

Thanks Tim! Watching your videos really puts the charts together for me in terms of trades. I also appreciate how you go over the simple things about the website that newbies wouldn't figure out on their own.

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Peachtart Oct 13, 9:34 AM

Thanks Mark. Good stuff, as always.

2grasleys Oct 14, 12:36 PM

Good Lesson Mark, Thanks!!

burrellc0354 Oct 18, 9:48 PM

Nicely done Mark wish I had seen this one earlier BYND is my sort of play as I am an Options trader, New to Penny stocking studying Hard and trading a lot less. Looks like BYND is now extend to the down side my bounce a little just before earnings then over she wrote..

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JonathanIParra Oct 12, 2:09 PM

I appreciate all the fucking idiots, nice dip buy on news (because of the misinformation effiency ) and nice morning panic dip buy thanks tim , for the education and rallying up the idiots

Kpow2020 Oct 19, 1:16 PM

I appreciate all of the idiots!

jcash3485 Oct 20, 1:54 PM

Thanks Tim appreciate the idiots!!

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