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ZiggysMom Jun 10, 18 1:00 PM

Noting that you can be angry or you can be grateful for the lesson. Don't just dip buy anything. Look at the chart and multiple time frames. The lessons are counterintuitive. Don't be in stocks that are struggling for every penny. Long stocks should shoot right up and b/o should be strong. You want the biggest panics on the strongest stocks. The patterns you trade should be super obvious. Stay disciplined.

ZachR Jun 11, 18 10:09 AM

Thanks Tim

SherryHall Jun 14, 18 12:39 PM

I think it`s fine to be patience and wait until the time is right to buy!

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Flockstock Jun 10, 18 3:24 AM

Don't be to early shorting. The crack of support comes later in the day. Key momentum shifts.... Is the price near a key zone?... prepare and know beforehand, and always look for good entries.

ZiggysMom Jun 10, 18 12:55 PM

Noting to focus on volatility. The indicators speak for themselves and check multiple. When shorting wait for the momentum shift. Ideal charts have multi month b/o with good news and volatility. Plan carefully and be conservative.

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10xtrader Apr 11, 12:01 AM

If your going to be speculative, which I think you should be and willing to try and learn new things, BUT would modulate with smaller postion sizes and only have them make up like 10% or less than your bread and butter patterns.

timcobra Apr 19, 6:44 AM

Discipline for me too

htrinh Aug 01, 4:24 PM

Discipline thanks Tim

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tayhaoxia Apr 03, 7:54 PM

when a play does not go the way you want to its find just have to accept that it did not go the way you wanted. sometimes the trade is no best trade at all

10xtrader Apr 11, 7:05 PM

Disappointment is my mantra, I expect everything to disappoint me. Avoid disappointment by not having expectations. First step twords disappointment is having expectations.

timcobra Apr 20, 2:16 AM

Thanks Tim, I am ok with missing perfect setups and then catching the worst ones. I guess its part of learning

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