-$984 loss IGPK Short Stock

Entry comments: Shorted this PGFY-like pump, small gap up, possible morning panic though as it's fading now...goal is to make 20-40% in the next few days

Exit comments: Got a nice attempted panic down to .45 but I got greedy and wanted more so I didn't cover, now playing it safe with a small loss as it's not cracking and PGFY is spiking 80%+ so this could bounce today too, gotta play these low priced pumps safely when no absolute panic/inability to go red on the day

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Christopher613 May 08, 14 2:12 PM

How much money to I need to have to open account with your "high net worth broker" Assets - Liabilities ?? What is his contact info ? Would like to have access to thoses shares he shorts you

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