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Rads73 Feb 13, 18 5:18 PM

Thx Tim, excellent as always

ZiggysMom May 03, 18 11:15 AM

Noting that a stock should be at least average volume or ignore, watch for resistance, don't swing trade stocks at a penny especially with resistance. Start small, get experience, get some trades under your belt, take gains, learn from losses, get confident.

axlk Sep 04, 18 2:08 PM

Thanks Tim

LizLele Jul 27, 19 10:35 AM

The military example was good. Love your energy! Also loved seeing you explain oracle, I should use it. Thanks Bohen!

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$1,615 profit PHOT Long Stock

Entry comments: I? bought roughly $10k worth of this recent weed stock runner that had a solid contract this morning and now more importantly, a solid first green day with a strong close, goal is to make 10-20% overnight ideally selling into a gap up/morning spike

Exit comments: Out for solid overnight gains on this play, growing my small Etrade account by $1,000+ so perfect trade and I didn't even wast ea day trade...respect the first green day, congrats to all blockchain/crypto overnight longs too

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DM4BigD Feb 07, 18 11:49 AM

Nice job Tim. I sat on the side lines to see how this played out for you. I didn't think there was much upside so I needed to see what I was missing by learning from you. Thanks for all you do.

BBTG Feb 07, 18 12:55 PM

Thanks Tim

2tango Feb 07, 18 2:24 PM

I'm a newbie but tims video suggest you don't use robin hood @Deb4

jalalcivll Feb 08, 18 10:10 PM

awesome! I am a newbie and following closely to learn. good job!

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[TimAlerts] they are very easy to deal, you can buy 25-50-100k shares easy and you can make easy 100% in 2-3 days they are cheap and you can buy ton of them even with small account...i am 410%gain in the last 3 month... some weed stock on the watch $MJNA $HEMP $CBIS $ERBB $PHOT MCIG $EAPH


[TimAlerts] Another good day ahead of me with all these weed stock. yesterday was the day to take position in many of my stock. today is the day to make money.. $MJNA $CBIS $HEMP $PHOT and many more.. Over 15k profit last week and again this week on my way to make tons of cash.. from 18 to 70k inthe last 3 month on my way to another millions.. here is a little snapshot of my last move

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