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TimothyRussell Apr 03, 11:09 AM

You have made your point Tim. I understand that boring strategies and rules work and I will show every trade.

JessAaron25 Apr 03, 10:35 PM

I will show all my trades and boring rules work. Great video lesson, lots of interesting points

HIMMENY Apr 08, 7:46 PM

i will show every trade, boring rules and boring strategies work! great lessons on discipline and planning

CRMitchell Apr 14, 8:27 AM

I will show my boring trades and rules

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[TimAlerts] JAGX potential financing-dilution/delis ting tanking this stock. Tough 30% loss of my account by not cutting losses early and betting too big.


[TimAlerts] $PBMD good product news BVXV 2.8mil investment from an investment firm CALA SA article re: insider buying High % closers from Fri that I'll watch $IMGN $SYMX JASN JAGX $CO

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