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ZiggysMom Apr 25, 11:23 AM

Noting to never step in front of a stock, ideally a stock should be above vwap for a buy,wait for the action to happen, trading is about controlling your risk reward, you can be late and still make a lot of money, control fomo, trust that the plays will be there

Zaleucus Apr 25, 5:23 PM

thanks Tim, your webinars are totally the best education for me.

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KarinaDLamb Dec 21, 17 3:28 PM

thainks mark, very good lesson.

MKanju Feb 06, 9:35 PM

Thanks Mark.I always learn so much from your webinars

ZiggysMom May 25, 11:52 AM

Noting volume, volume, volume. Don't overstay your welcome, take profits. Get in a trade at an optimal position, let a stock prove itself. Do not chase overextended stocks, it is not good risk reward.

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Squiggs Jan 19, 1:59 AM

Thanks again Mark. Always great looking back and seeing how spot on you are with most of your thoughts.

Karlsson Mar 05, 4:54 AM

Always stay intact with the overall market and the sectors to get a feel of what the bigger picture looks like. Make sure that you are on the right side of the momentum and that you recognize when the momentum is about to shift. Make sure that you think of both bull and bears way to get a more complex understanding of the stock that your trading. MGTI Is a very clear example of where over aggressive shorts thought that the morning dip was the momentum shift, but then got squeezed. Thanks Mark!

ZiggysMom Apr 23, 12:29 PM

Be aggressive with very hot sectors, don't forget about the sympathy plays, look at both the short and long sides

SlipKid Apr 30, 1:46 PM

Thanks for the lesson.

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ZiggysMom Apr 24, 11:36 AM

Stocks in hot sectors, strong volume, great chart are great risk reward plays

SlipKid Apr 30, 2:30 PM

Focus on clean charts in Hot sectors and respect the action of the leaders!

canudropit2 Jun 05, 6:57 AM

Focus on clean charts. First red and first Green Day’s. Solid breakouts/breakdowns. Thanks Mark.

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Kerry57 Oct 30, 17 6:08 PM

Love the webinars and am impressed and happy for Roland. But studying 17 hours per day is unrealistic, especially for anyone with a job. Even more unrealistic with job + family. Simply not possible. Congrats to Roland though, way to go man--incredibly impressive. Genuinely happy for you.

RockRobster Dec 06, 17 2:33 PM

Good to see some live trading!

zaraza Apr 06, 2:06 PM

Thank You Tim

ZiggysMom Jun 11, 11:02 AM

Noting that you can't time things perfectly. B/O to new highs, good news, earnings winners, are all good buys but there is no specific rules for the market. Create a plan and stick to it. Focus on big gains. Don't chase anything and use p/m as a guide to what plays may spike. No one trade matters , but the progress overtime is what matters.

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TradeGirl777 Sep 19, 17 3:24 PM

Hi! Where can I watch this? I click on the link and it says you must be a subscriber. Please send me the link or let me know in comments. Thanks

ThePennySqueeze Dec 09, 17 12:24 AM

Everytime you sniff I get an image of you doing a line of coke. lol, great webinar Tim, thanks

RockRobster Jan 03, 8:28 PM

If there's a lot of plays, focus on the BIG % gainers.

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