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zaraza Jul 28, 18 6:49 AM

Thank You Tim. Always good to review these.

LizLele Sep 09, 18 7:01 PM

"This is why I don't teach dogs" haha. Aha moment was pay attention to what number green day the pattern is on, third green day is too late to start buying.

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tayhaoxia Mar 30, 5:56 PM

learned your train of thought and how you focus on making a watch list overnight by plays that you alerted before and waiting for the plays to come to you

timcobra Apr 05, 4:53 AM

Thanks Tim, I finally understood from you about, why I exactly need to put big % winners into my post market watchlist. I knew about the pre market watchlist...

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tayhaoxia Apr 06, 12:43 AM

lock in profits as the market makes money for you. i lobe 1 st green days

timcobra Apr 23, 3:15 AM

Thanks Tim, Its called kratindeng or something like that and actually made me turn into a bull LOL

happyfish89 May 02, 8:27 AM

Love FGD but I am based in Asia so I usually only trade first 1-2 hours in the morning, can't stay up midnight lol

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MKanju Feb 06, 18 8:35 PM

Thanks Mark.I always learn so much from your webinars

ZiggysMom May 25, 18 11:52 AM

Noting volume, volume, volume. Don't overstay your welcome, take profits. Get in a trade at an optimal position, let a stock prove itself. Do not chase overextended stocks, it is not good risk reward.

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