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dthetinttrap007 Jan 14, 2:49 PM

This happened on my b'day great gift Tim but just watching and learning and for ONUR123 Try ameritrade they allow OTC trading but charge 6.95 for them all but free on most trades , they have been fine with me so give them a shot and good luck mate. Thanks Tim

mwg63 Jan 23, 5:49 AM

Knowledge Account Increased

WiseWealth Jan 25, 11:33 AM

@timothysykes Thanks Tim for this SN alerts. I'm excited about and studying as much as I can, hope to meet you on the waters of the world one day Time. Thank you so much !!

WiseWealth Jan 25, 11:47 AM

Hope to be your first 50+ yrs millionaire student one day Tim, I'm on the striving and studying @timothysykes

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Windwalzer Feb 03, 9:07 PM

Thank you Matt, Kyle, and Jack. Great information all the way around about the market and the charts. Thank you TS, sometimes stocks will not do what I want. You are incredible, BTCS you said what you expected/wanted it to do and it did just that the next day, went to 1.50s. I've seen that on other video lessons from years ago. I hope to get that good at times. Thank you. Some stocks won't do what I want.

HIMMENY Feb 11, 11:38 AM

sometimes stocks will not do what i want, and you have to accept that! and embrace it! get tf out when wrong to protecc

NickPaciulli Mar 02, 6:28 PM

sometimes stocks will not do want i want, and if i cant accept that I will take unnecessary losses!!!!!

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htrinh Jul 19, 20 12:30 AM

Thank you Tim!

AMC19GTE Jul 29, 20 7:15 PM

check the past for spik-ability and remember first green day OTC patterns. Also vice versa if you are waiting for the way down look for first red otc patterns. Not experience enough to short and need a bigger account size to even consider.

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zaraza Jul 28, 18 6:49 AM

Thank You Tim. Always good to review these.

LizLele Sep 09, 18 7:01 PM

"This is why I don't teach dogs" haha. Aha moment was pay attention to what number green day the pattern is on, third green day is too late to start buying.

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dumbtrades Mar 30, 20 5:56 PM

learned your train of thought and how you focus on making a watch list overnight by plays that you alerted before and waiting for the plays to come to you

timcobra Apr 05, 20 4:53 AM

Thanks Tim, I finally understood from you about, why I exactly need to put big % winners into my post market watchlist. I knew about the pre market watchlist...

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