$NXTTF still hanging around .30 so I played too safely, but at the open you hsae no idea what can happen when wrong so I stand by rule #1 cutting losses quickly, still green on the day now thanks to lower risk play TRIL

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-$348 loss NXTTF Long Stock

Entry comments: First green day on this former runner weed play, this kind of pattern has been working well, not a truly great breakout like CYDY/IPCIF, but I think this has a good chance at a gap up/morning spike as it has a history of multi-days spikes, especially given several big buyers today

Exit comments: Rule #1 cut losses quickly, ugly overall market today due to Iran as I warned about in the watchlist, not gonna get greedy here, small losses are fine

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TessaLamping Jan 02, 3:43 PM

Awe! I knew it but it had a couple weird prints on my STT screen so I put it down as a watch for a morning spike FGD! Argh! Lol glad I'm on the right track!

Windwalzer Jan 02, 5:18 PM

Thank you Timothy Sykes. This is a pattern/chart/stock that is considered a good overnight trade or are you watching/have alarm incase it starts to fade or drop?

LWeisfeld Jan 03, 11:00 AM

Come on, now. Have faith! Either we beat Iran, or everyone will be buying weed from Canada. 😂

Windwalzer Jan 03, 4:35 PM

Thank you. I would have been too timid to hold that stock overnight. I'd probably be to scared to buy it in the first place. At least for right now. Practice, study, study, study.

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$NXTTF still around where I bought it so its a scratch...do the math, when you try the same pattern on 2 stocks, 1 fails and you breakeven basically and the other you make 15-25%, that's a big win overall if you do those same 2 trades over and over and over

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$280 profit NXTTF Long Stock

Entry comments: I dip bought this morning. panic too, looks to have strong support at 2ish, goal is 5-10% bounce, not as volatile

Exit comments: Zzzzzz, weakkkk bounce here, I'm out for small gain just to protect myself, ALEAF was muchhhhhhh better

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MissileMan Sep 29, 18 1:10 PM

Thanks for sharing Tim. Looks like we missed the trade by one day.

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